Social Aider Update: Video Upload

Social Aider Update Video Upload

One cannot deny the importance of videos in the world of Social Media. Be it a DIY video, promotion of your product/service or just a cute dog howling, the audience for videos is extremely large. Videos are interactive and do wonders for your business. An average video reaches 12.05% audience on Facebook alone! So how could Social Aider hold you back from achieving all this? You can now add videos to your posts while scheduling them on Social Aider.

How Does This Work?

Choose the project where you want to share video post, click on Posts from the left menu and then click on Add Post Button on the right.

Create Post


After that, you can compose your post in the box provided and then need to click on the Video tab in Create Post section to proceed to upload the video.


Create Post


A pop-up window appears which lets you choose the video you wish to upload.


Video Upload Window


After selecting your video and clicking on open, wait for the video to get uploaded. The only thing you need to be careful about is that the video upload limit is 200MB. Social Aider also creates a thumbnail from the video. After the upload, you have the option to preview or delete the video using the options present on the video thumbnail. If you feel like all’s well, you can schedule your post to your desired day/time and click on the Save button. For posting it right away, click on Send Now.





It’s done! You have added a video to your scheduled posts! You can, as usual, edit or delete your scheduled post by going to Posts section of the left-side menu and clicking on the respective buttons at the bottom of the post.


Edit or Delete


How Does This Benefit You?

  • Videos give your content an edge that’s required for inviting the right traffic to your website.
  • The viewers can grasp the essence of your content more effectively by watching your videos.
  • Adding and analyzing a video is great for feedback of your audience engagement. While it’s very hard to contemplate what’s working for your blog and what isn’t based on just written content, the various options that come with sharing a video (like number of times shared, number of times watched, etc.) let you get a reality check of the situation.
  • Videos help you with the quick and short storytelling of your brand or your line of work or yourself which catalyzes fruitful engagement with your audience. Creativity really has no boundaries when it comes to videos.
  • Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram have a feature of auto-playing the videos. This encourages the viewers to engage with those videos (and your content) more. With leading Social Media platforms promoting the use of videos, you cannot stay behind!

So, take advantage of this new feature and post away!

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