Utilizing Twitter for Business Expansion

Looking at the social statistics for social media network demographics, Twitter comes out as a unique platform for a business to convey its message and mark its presence online.

There is a very small window of opportunity available on Twitter for businesses to grab a user’s attention. In this scenario, it is imperative that the message is efficiently channeled to the user by the business and make an overall impact of the brand.

Now that Twitter’s feeds no more appear in a reverse chronological order, one-on-one engagement with the user is more important than ever. This will not just facilitate the reach of your tweets but will also build relationships for your brand that’ll prove to be fruitful.

What follows is a set of three of the most important practices for any business to utilize Twitter to its complete potential.

One-on-one engagement

Small gestures like liking, Retweeting, commenting, etc. on tweets will encourage more reach on Twitter. Just saying “Thank You” when someone shares or likes your tweet or comments on it goes a long way! Make sure you respond to each and every comment that you receive. Remember, each comment is an opportunity that can enhance the reach of your tweet.

Tweeting more frequently

When you tweet for the first time, a large chunk of your audience will never see your tweet regardless of how perfect your timing may be! This is just the way that Twitter works! Twitter feeds are filled with new tweets every second that can push your tweet below.

Other than constant engagement on your tweets, this problem can be overcome by posting the same content multiple times over a period of time. Twitter’s new API that doesn’t allow the same tweet to be posted multiple times, which is both a good and a bad thing. Good because it forces you to present your content in different ways to generate user interest and bad because you have to invest in more time.  However, it is definitely worth your time! It gives a chance for your content to reach a wider range of audience.

Twitter’s advanced search

Many of us never really pay attention to this very useful feature of Twitter- Advanced Search. We all know how essential competitor assessment is in the world of social media. Twitter’s advanced search caters to this very need! You can search for particular words to phrases, hashtags, places and many other specifics.

The feature can prove to be a valuable asset when it comes to customer search as well. You can see who is tweeting about which problems or requirements that they may have and reach the consumers directly. This is quite fantastic.

The infographic briefly summarizes these most crucial steps in utilizing Twitter as a tool for expanding your business.


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