We have 3 exciting news for you!!

We have 3 exciting news for you!!

1st up within a week, you will be able to post on Pinterest and Google My Business!! Hurray!! This is something that has been in pipeline for a while and we are very excited to be going live with it soon! Lookout for the launch mail for these two features within this week itself!

The 2nd exciting news is that we have redesigned Social Aider posting experience to give you more bang for your bucks!!

With a brand new interface, Social Aider now allows you to have 100% control on your social media posting at a granular level!!

Social Aider offers you the freedom to create, design and edit individual posts for each of your Social Media profiles.

Our brand new interface now offers separate post creation for each of your social profiles. Which means you can create a 280 characters tweet, and add a Twitter-specific image to it, while also creating a 63,206 characters post for Facebook with various hashtags and add a Facebook appropriate image to it!

This will allow you to create tailor-made content for your audience on each platform and ensure better engagement and conversion rate. How exciting is that!!

Here’s a lowdown on what the new interface looks like:

Create Post

When you click on “Add Post” you will see all the social accounts which you have linked, you can select the social account on which you wish to post.

Once you click on the social account, you will see the screen underneath, where you can compose your message and upload a photo or video.

Our 3rd exciting new is a brand new Bulk Excel Upload feature!

To make your bulk upload process, even more, simpler and quicker, Social Aider now allows you to choose the social media to which you wish to upload your posts to. So you can do separate bulk upload for your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so on. This will allow you to have a clearer picture of what is being posted where and ensure error-free posting.

bulk excel upload

Happy Scheduling!

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