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Tumblr, soon after its release in 2007, was an immediate success. Being a micro-blogging cum social media platform, it’s a heaven for bloggers and social media enthusiasts alike. The site caters to millions of users and therefore has a wide range of audience for all sorts of industries.

We, at Social Aider, love social media and everything about it! As a result, we’ve made Tumblr live and working on the app! What a hoot! Let me show you how you can link your Tumblr account with Social Aider and schedule your posts on the same. As usual, I promise you it’s super easy!

How does it work?

From the home page of your Social Aider account, select the Project you want to link the Tumblr account to.


Now, click on Settings and the page, showing all your linked accounts, will show up.

Link Tumblr

Here, you’ll see a Connect button next to the Tumblr icon; click on it. Next, a small window, as shown above, will appear asking you to permit Social Aider to access your Tumblr profile; click on Yes.

Log In

Enter your Login ID and password to log into Tumblr. When the window (shown above in the middle) appears, click on Allow and voila! You’ve successfully linked your Tumblr account to Social Aider.

You can now go ahead and start curating your post/s to be uploaded to Tumblr.

Create Post

First, choose the Project that you’ve linked to your Tumblr account to.

Second, click on Posts.

Third, click on Add Posts.

Curate content

You know how it goes now! You compose your post with the text, links, etc. in the box provided.

Add Image

To Add Image to your post, click on the Image icon as shown, select the required image and click on Open.

Add Video

Similarly, to add a video, you click on the Video Icon, select the desired video and click on Open.

Schedule Date

Schedule TimeFinally, comes scheduling your posts. Select the date and time you wish to schedule the post to and then click on Save.Post Scheduled

All done! In addition to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, you have now successfully scheduled a post to be uploaded to your Tumblr account as well. Here, I’ve only shown you the process of scheduling a single post. Bulk Upload and RSS Feed features are functional on Tumblr as well.

You can now tap into the significant market that exists on Tumblr and adhere to your audiences there. Keep attracting quality audiences to your site with the help of Social Aider, prosper and post away!

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