Social Media Strategies for Fashion Brands in 2019 – Updated

Social Media Strategies

Amid the chaos of the fashion scene, having and maintaining your brand image and presence is no easy task. While new ideas and concepts keep revolutionizing this dynamic market, only the best of the best survive.

Now that you are on this page, you know what’s the competition like and what it requires of you!

Target – Retarget – Repeat

First time visitors are less likely to shop at your website because they might just be checking out the website or app or simply not sure of what they need. However, returning customers have a greater degree of clarity regarding what they want.

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Bottom line: Target people who have visited your platform just once or have left stuff in their cart, offer them small discounts if they haven’t bought anything in a week but are looking consistently, offer them the products that they have looked at recently, and similar products with varying budgets.

Facebook is a great platform for this sort of social branding. While promoting your product on Facebook, add Custom Audiences and Lookalike audience among other options.

Holiday Season: Your Chance for a Home Run

On holidays and during the season, people are more certain and determined to shop. They do expect some discounts and offers, and it would be beneficial for you to monetize on that.

Create a mix of products, including both expensive and inexpensive products in your discounted merchandise.

Drop emails offering a certain discount code to your most prominent and to potential clients of the platform. Ask them to share the coupon code with as many people as they can. Set a reward for materializing reference.

Bottom Line: Target your potential and returning customers during holidays by dropping emails (there are lots of sample emails available online), messages etc. with details of all the offers you will be offering.

Style Guides: Market your Lookbook

For brands which sell a variety of fashion items like dresses, shoes or other accessories, prepare overall looks, in accordance with the overall image that the brand has.

Style Guides 1

Style Guides 2


You could prepare complete looks from your products or show how they can be incorporated into a person’s current wardrobe. This way, you will project ideas to use your products and stimulate the imagination of your customers.

On festive occasions, you could prepare combination in sync with the themes of celebration. For example, red, golden and black are hits in party season while at the beginning of spring-summer, the focus shifts to lighter shades and quirkier prints.

Bottom Line: Prepare and release style guides which depict various stylish ways of using your merchandise. The more exciting, out-of-the-box and off-beat it is, the better.

Giveaways @ Instagram

Instagram is emerging as a huge community building platform. From e-commerce websites, tech giants to cosmetics, every sector is utilizing it to promote their products and enhance awareness.

To promote your brand and merchandise, you could hold limited time giveaways on Instagram. Add a concept of referral points, loyalty points, and publicizing points which one would later redeem at your store. Giveaways could be random like the lottery or based on the maximum number of points garnered by a person.

Bottom Line: Carry out a high-key campaign at Instagram, blow your trumpet loud and clear! You could also provide users with the option to buy your products directly from Instagram.

Going the Glamor and Glitz Way

Bloggers and Vloggers are the celebrities of the millennial era.

To get your product its deserved screentime in front your ideal audience, work in tandem with Vloggers and bloggers who have a dedicated following of the demographic your product targets.

Instagram giveaway


Have them review, discuss and showcase your products on their respective platforms and accounts. This will not only spread awareness among people about your brand and its potential, it will also earn repute and a loyal client base for your brand.

You could use tools like Traacker, GroupHigh, LinkDex, Little Bird, Buzzsumo, Keyhole, Kred, Cloud etc.

You can also access the traditional celebrities like movie stars, singers and other celebrities which have a reputed standing among your targeted demographic.

Bottom Line: Get your products reviewed by bloggers and vloggers who have a reputation for honesty and are popular among your potential client base.

Create Gift Guides: show them the Ideal Gifts They Want

Just like creating style-guides, create gift guides for occasions like baby showers, birthdays, marriage anniversaries, festivals etc.

Not everyone is good at gifting; many do not even have the time to put much thought into gifts. People, however, still love the idea of receiving thoughtful gifts.

Gift guides


To tap into this potential client base, prepare gift guides for important occasions and according to different tastes. For example, for corporate gifting, you could prepare a catalog of exquisite watches, whereas, for an informal birthday, a quirky bag just might do the trick.

The idea here is to provide people with a ready-to-send gift set which both impresses them and saves them the stress of curating the gift themselves.

Bottom Line: Create catalogs of gifts according to occasions and the level of formality that might be involved. These could be promoted along with style-guides and through bloggers and vloggers.


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