RSS Feed Scheduler

If you are a blogger or follow blogs from which you would like to share content with your audience, RSS Feed is totally for you. With Social Aider’s Bulk RSS feed Scheduler, it’s easier than ever to schedule entire RSS feeds at once! Your entire feed can be scheduled at fixed intervals with this feature. Let’s go through the process in detail.


Home Page


Log In to your Social Aider account and select the project you want to work in (“SA Tutorials” in this case). Click on RSS Feed as shown in above image

Upload RSS Feeds


RSS Feed


Next, this page opens up where you fill in the Feed NameFeed URL and your desired Hashtags and click on Submit. Social Aider will now pull the entire list of posts from the feed.

It’s usually simple to keep the Feed name same as that of the website/blog the feed is being pulled from. You can also add mentions in Hashtags box, if you wish. These hashtags and @mentions will be added to every post which will be generated from the RSS feed. Feed from “Social Media Examiner” has been added in this case.


Bulk Schedule


Here comes the magic! Now you can schedule all of the revealed posts (or just the ones you wish) by simply clicking on Bulk Schedule. You can either select all the posts, as shown or individually select each one from the list.

With this click on the Bulk Schedule button, a pop-up window appears where you can choose one of the three options to set the frequency of uploading your posts.

Bulk Schedule your posts




As the name suggests, selecting the Everyday option lets you schedule your posts every day at a time of your choosing.


Every X Hour


Every X Hour Interval lets you schedule your posts at a desired interval of time (which you can choose, of course) that begins at the time you choose.


Every X Day


Every X Day lets you choose any day of the week and desired time for your posts to be scheduled.


Scheduled Post


You can always Edit/ Delete your posts, like before, by going to the Posts section of your project.

And that’s it! A simple way to give you more power over scheduling your posts so you can focus your energy on all the other important stuff!

Moreover, Social Aider saves the details you’ve provided about the different feeds.


Refetch or Delete


You can later fetch the feeds that you’ve already added to Social Aider earlier by using the Select Feed drop-down on the top-right side of the picture above. Further, click on the Re-Fetch button (the one in blue) to update the feed with the latest posts from that site/blog. Schedule these and keep your social media profiles updated by posting the latest content.

Should you wish to delete any feed, you can do so by clicking the Delete button, which is right beside the Re-Fetch button.

That’s all about the RSS Feed Feature of Social Aider! Have a good time using it and in case of any queries, do reach out to us at