If you need a bigger or custom plan, contact us for custom pricing at: support@socialaider.com

Unlimited Social Accounts

Not 1, not 10, not 100, its UNLIMITED! You can add unlimited Social Media profiles to Social Aider. So, if you are a Social Media Specialist, or an Agency with multiple clients we got you covered for all your clients. Our costing does not vary by the number of accounts you add.

Unlimited Projects

Not 1, not 5, not even 10, its UNLIMITED! You can add unlimited projects to Social Aider. If you have 1 set of personal social media accounts, and another set of professional accounts; go on and create 2 different projects to manage them all smoothly. If you are an agency with 10 or even 1000 clients, you can add a project for each client. Our costing does not change by the number of projects you add.

Number of Post

This refers to the number of post you can do in 1 month as specified under this plan. For example, under the monthly plan you can do 300 posts in a month for $4.99. If you overshoot, you can always buy more posts. What’s 1 post? When you schedule a post, its counted as one, irrespective of how many medias you choose to post on. If you create a post, and schedule it for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn its counted as 1 post. If on other hand if you create 3 separate post for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and schedule them all separately, these will be counted as 3 posts.

Repost (Post Duplication)

Once your post has gone live, you have the option to repost the post anytime, by just a click of the button. You can choose to repost it as it is, or edit it before reposting. When reposting you have the option to adjust the date, time and time zone for reposting.

Bulk Upload

If creating each post individually is not for you, use our bulk upload feature. You can upload up to 200 posts in 1 go. This feature will enable you to save time and effort. Bulk upload can be done in excel format only. Sample file for the same is provided within your Social Aider account

Post Deletion

Typo, grammar error, wrong file attached, lots of things can go wrong with a post. Such scenarios require immediate deletion of the post from across all medias, before your audience spots your mistakes. Our 1 click post deletion option will do this for you. 1 click and poof your post is cleared from everywhere!

Time Zone

You can select time zone at project level, which will be the default time zone for that project. Also, when creating the post, you can select time zone at post level which will override the project time zone. This feature enables you to target audience across the globe in an efficient manner. You can live in UK and set project time zone as USA if your audience resides in USA. If you set time as 6pm or the post the post will go live at 6pm USA time. You can also choose the time zone as Australia, at post level, if you wish to target Australia audience for specific post. In this case if you set post time as 6pm, it will go live at 6pm Australian time.

RSS Import

You can import RSS feed of your own blog, any other blog, or even any news feed. Social Aider will auto pull the most recent posts via the feed and you can simply schedule them with a click of the button. You can add unlimited feeds to your account.


Every RSS feed has option to append hashtags. These hashtags will be added to each post pulled in from that RSS feed. This will allow you to save time in adding hashtags to each post from the feed. You can add as many or as few hashtags as you wish.

Video / Image Upload

Every post comes with the option to attach image or video file. Images file not exceeding 2 MB, and video file not exceeding 200MB. Images can be uploaded in jpg & png format only. Videos can be uploaded in .mp4 format only.

Image Editor

You can edit your images using the Image Editor feature. In Image Editor, there are numerous different tools available for editing different types of images you may wish to upload. Once edited, the images can be saved on your PC and later, you can add them to your posts. Image files not exceeding 2 MB can be uploaded and edited.


The Discovery feature assists you in discovering new content on the web by using keyword search. You can separate keywords with a comma and find content that you’d like to upload. The feature lets you either edit individual posts and schedule/ post them separately, or you can bulk schedule all the posts (or the ones you select) at your choice of time and frequency. You can also add hashtags while scheduling these posts in bulk.