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Every industry is on the boom, and things are not the same as before. The competition and number of service providers or companies in each and every industry are increasing at an exponential rate. There are a number of things that can decide whether your business will see the heights of success or will fall right to the ground in a few months. The foremost aspect which will control the rate of growth and popularity of your business is none other than marketing and advertisement. There are a number of mediums available for marketing and advertising, but in the last two decades, the one and only medium which can ensure the success of any advertising campaign is none other than online marketing and advertisement option. Social media is one of the strongest and advantageous mediums to attract potential clients or customers from all around the globe.

It is true that social media is a great platform for running marketing and advertisement campaign, but there are a few things that you should know in advance before you make a blunder. There are certain rules and guidelines that you will have to follow and understand in order to utilize the full potential of this great platform. It is important to know that the posting frequency isn’t the only factor that will decide whether your marketing and advertising campaign will be successful or not. In case your posts have a huge time gap between them, then for sure, your audience or potential clients will forget that you exist and soon, you will become like the story in the pages of the newspapers – easily forgettable! However, in case you keep posting on social media too frequently, you will become the nuisance who will be hated by everyone. People will dread looking at your posts crowding their inbox or feed.

How can you maintain a balance between the two and find the right number of frequency for posting? The main challenge is to remain noticeable online and make a bit of noise in the social media world but not too much that you get unfriended or blocked.

As mentioned above, there are certain factors that one should take into consideration in order to determine how often he or she should post online to get the best out of the available opportunity and resource. Know this fact that there isn’t an exact number and you will need to carry out some research based on your industry and the presence of potential clients on the social media. There isn’t any magic number available online that can ensure your success and offer a guarantee of the same. Some of the crucial key points that you should keep in mind for finding the right limit for posting on social media are discussed below:

  • Type of business

Know that not every other company or firm spends hours online in order to create awareness about their brand or for marketing. Each and every business needs a different time frame for the presence on social media and has different posting limits in order to generate positive results out of it. There is no doubt that strong social media presence is undoubtedly one of the best and most important tools, but the type of industry that you belong to significantly influences the frequency and type of posts directly.

  • Audience demographics and preferences

Acting as a smart social media marketer is not easy but it isn’t that hard either. To become a smart social media marketer, the first and foremost thing that you will have to do will be to research about the things that your followers like and what your potential customers will like. Social media platforms have certain tools that can reveal all this data to you.

  • Type of posts

Just posting anything on social media will not guarantee anything in the long run. In reality, adapting to this behavior and having the delusion that posting online three times a day and remaining consistent with this figure will make you popular is entirely wrong. This type of behavior will bore clients or followers and will make them hate you for flooding their feed. Always prefer posting an interesting and relevant selection of posts for keeping things exciting. You can try out different styles and ideas for the content and can track the engagement of followers and potential clients with the post to understand the rhythm of the social media marketing platform.

  • Number of followers

It is evident because of the confusing option that many would think that social media marketing and advertisement is all about quality and quantity and is a big fight between the two. However, in reality, the thing is that it is all about organic reach. Almost all social media platforms nowadays use multiple algorithms in order to cater to the needs and requirements of the users online. This is the reason why people see whatever they like and have searched for in a few days online on their social media account. Therefore, to some extent, this very move of social media has somehow hampered the organic reach of business accounts and profiles. The larger your social media page or account will be, the shorter its range of organic reach will be. Thus, if you have a large social media page, then quantity can be defined as a deciding factor for making social media marketing and advertising work.

social media posting frequency

Finding the right number of posts that one should post daily for the best result and to fulfill the marketing campaign surely is a confusing task. All the above things that we discussed so far was simply a summation of all the social media platforms and the effect of frequency of posting. In order to give you a better understanding about the same, you will have to take a look at different social media separately and will have to determine which one from amongst them you should dedicate your time to.

We have studied the data available online in order to derive the zest of everything in a simpler and understandable version.


There is a very popular rule associated with “two posts per day” rule that many believe is the golden rule for using the Facebook platform to carry out marketing and advertisement campaigns. This generic prescription is not as good as many believe it to be. In reality, it has some drawbacks that most of the people aren’t aware of. There is no doubt in the fact that the two post rule works, but you should know that it can work great only and only if you have 10,000 followers. If you have this number, then posting twice every day will surely help you in maximizing engagement and clicks on the posted content. However, if you have a smaller following, then things can get difficult for you. Various studies have shown that if you have a small following, then posting twice a day will eventually result in 50% fewer clicks per post. This means that the number of clicks will be higher, but the engagement per post will decrease drastically. It will be better to post a few times a week or a mere number of 1-5 posts per month in order to increase engagement to every post by 50%.


Sadly, there isn’t any number of tweets that could guarantee you to deliver better results. Same as Facebook, you will have to choose your goals and decide the number of tweets on your own as per your goal. If you need better engagement per tweet, then 1to 5 tweets per day can do the magic for you. However, for generating more total responses, you could tweet as much as you like. Even 50 tweets will not result in any adverse effect on your Twitter account. The only negative thing that you will have to encounter will be the fact that you will have to spend your valuable time writing and posting on your Twitter account.


LinkedIn is a popular platform that has generated good popularity in the market. We won’t be mentioning any figure after reading the different cases for LinkedIn. The reason for this is that LinkedIn says that posting 20 posts per month can give you a great audience reach. To be precise, the figure will be 60% audience reach. The statistics are quite tempting, and it can be said that five posts per week on LinkedIn can work in your favor if you are thinking about using this platform for marketing and advertisement.


Like any other social media site or network, Pinterest also requires a consistent and well-planned sharing strategy in order to increase your following. There are a number of advertising and marketing experts out there in the market who think and suggest that spreading Pins evenly throughout the day can offer better results. The varying timing for your Pins will give you a better exposure to different segments or categories or population, and this can result in more and more repins, followers and better exposure. With the advent of Pinterest, its Smart Feed live and in action, you will have the assurance that your pin frequency and the time gap between your pins will not result in overwhelming your potential clients. So what is the best frequency for Pinterest that can offer the best chances of reaching out to the majority of the audiences without overwhelming them? In case you are planning to give Pinterest a try for the first time, then a reasonable starting frequency will be 5 Pins per day. Piqora interviewed some of the biggest brands in the market such as Lowes, Foods, LL Bean and others in order to determine the best limit of Pins in order to achieve the best results. Most of the big names said that they experienced consistent growth with few pins every week and around 3 to 10 pins on a daily basis. However, marketing experts have a different take on this. To believe our sources, experts out there in the market think that Pinterest is a lot different than other social media platforms and this very platform offers uncalculated limits when it comes down to the number of Pins per day. One of the most surprising things that we came around while researching for this article was about Pinterest itself, and that was on Pinterest, different topics’ performance changes on different days. Have a look at the topics that garner the most satisfactory results on different weekdays.

Sunday: Craft and food

Monday: Fitness

Tuesday: Technology

Wednesday: Quotes

Thursday: Fashion

Friday: Humor

Saturday: Travel


The thing with Google+ is that it is an excellent platform for advertising not only because of its popularity but also because of the various features that one gets to enjoy. It has been found that posting at least three times a day on Google+ can work magic for you. The Google+ engagement of potential customers and frequency of posting are in a way correlated.  The sudden drop in posting frequency can result in an unwanted and surprising drop in traffic, and in some cases, this traffic drop might get as low as 50% of the initial traffic. 


Instagram is a weird kid among all the social media platforms when it comes to running marketing and advertising campaigns on social media. The reason for saying so is that frequency isn’t that important in the case of Instagram. The only thing that matters for Instagram is the consistency in posting. You can post 5, 10, 15, and even 20 times daily. The number will not negatively affect your Instagram account. However, changing frequency, mainly from higher side to a lower one can make things difficult for you and you will start losing followers and engagement per post. Therefore, if you are planning to use Instagram to carry out marketing and advertising campaigns, we would suggest you select a number that you can do justice to and be consistent!

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