Post Ideas for your Social Media Accounts

Post Ideas for your Social Media

Social Media, in the past few years, has emerged as a key player in terms of developing a network and exploring opportunities. Not just locally, but it has given wings to an individual to set his/her footprints on the entire world.

Everyone, nowadays, is well aware of the significance of social networking sites and the benefits they deliver to your professional as well as personal life. But, having an account on Social Networking site is not enough – what’s essential is being active on it. This is achieved by engaging with your counterparts or audiences through various methods like – postings, involvement in discussions, uploading pictures, etc. The level of engagement of others on your social media is directly proportional to the quality of your content. Thus, it is essential to pay attention to what posts you share on your social media accounts. Following are some of the possible ideas which could enhance your presence online.

Ideas for Facebook Account

Facebook – top social networking site being used by Indians – is one of the best platforms which enables social engagement and networking. Below mentioned are post ideas which could be implemented to generate a better connection between you and your audience:

Go Live: Live videos have recently gained massive attention as compared to non-live videos on Facebook. Going Live on Facebook for your audience is the smartest way to attract their attention and share your varied experiences for Travel, Food, Events, etc.

The reach for live videos has risen tremendously in the recent times. It is no more “just-another-feature” but a trend which is being aggressively followed by users. Live videos are being done personally as well as professionally.

Facebook Live

Post a Blog: Sharing a piece of knowledge is always a great way to initiate social engagement with your connections. Posting a blog on your profile will invite new audience, which in turn, will enhance the reach of the shared blog. There would be questions and discussions about the blog, which you can participate in, with your connections.

Additionally, if your blog encompasses certain statistics and interesting figures, then, the level of engagement will increase. Best trick to be followed is to add an attractive caption for the blog post involving a glimpse of the stats.

Post Blogs

Ask for Recommendation: Recently, Facebook has enabled an amazing option for a recommendation where you could actively engage with your audience for better opinions. Asking recommendations on Facebook will enable the audience to enter their inputs by adding their opinions.

Also, your connections possess the ability to share your recommendation request on their profile which will increase the engagement and opinions on the said post. Thus, actively commencing and even contributing to discussions will automatically increase your presence on Facebook


Ideas for Twitter Account

What’s going on in the world – right from entertainment to Sports to daily interests, Twitter has all the answers to your questions. It is a boundless micro-blogging platform which allows users to express their views on trending matters. Twitter not only lets you connect with friends but gives you an opportunity to engage with personalities you admire the most. Ensure your active involvement on twitter with some of the below-mentioned ideas:

Create poll:  Creating polls, an option which Twitter has offered, is a great way to generate the insights which you seek from the active audience. The poll has gained immense attention from the audience as it is something to which users actively participate.

It lets them be vocal about their viewpoints openly, with just one click. The voting options have made insight-generation an easy task and actively driven engagement over twitter.


Retweets: Your engagement and performance on Twitter can be analyzed by the number of retweets you get. Tweeting something interesting with the use of trending hashtags will increase your retweets and ensure better engagement over Twitter.

More your post is retweeted, more audience it attracts. Also, if your tweets are inclusive of appropriate statistics and figures, they are more likely to be retweeted.


Trending Hashtags: Tweeting about the ongoing circumstances and situations using trending hashtags will get your tweet featured in top results of the search. Additionally, posting short and crisp tweets with more use of popularly used hashtags helps you get clicks and retweets. What would help more is sharing most discussed events & topics.


Ideas for LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn – a platform for developing a professional network – has attracted millions of users to sign up and enjoy the immense benefits of the networking site. LinkedIn is a kingdom of knowledge and opportunities which keeps you updated with the economy and the new business trends & news. This networking site has shaped the future of millions and is still doing the job. Some of the best ideas to stay active on LinkedIn are mentioned below:

Share Industry Updates: LinkedIn is all about professionalism! Therefore, sharing industry updates, on a regular basis, will prove to be beneficial for you. By adding a blend of stats and figures to the heading of your post, you are more likely to get more clicks and reads.

Sharing blogs as well as insights will showcase your profile as a professional one and increase your chances of establishing better connections.

Share Industry News

Post a Job: No matter what your job profile is or which field you are working in, it’s always better to keep sharing the job updates shared around the network. Sharing job opportunities will increase the inflow of audience in your network and let you connect with other industry professionals.

This step will not only benefit your appearance over LinkedIn but will lay an impact on shaping your future.

Job Sharing

Share Friendly posts: Beat the mandate Monday Blues by sharing some great Monday motivation posts or midweek motivation or any friendly post that showcases you as a human and not just a work machine. Such posts will initiate better engagement of audience and give a more honest impression of you.

Friendly posts

An Idea Common to All Social Media Platforms

Uploading pictures: This remains common to all the social media platforms. You could share an image on Facebook, Twitter as well as LinkedIn which attracts a great number of audience in the form of likes and reactions received on your picture. Apart from uploading personal pictures, you could upload some funny or intense pictures depicting strong messages to the society.

Audiences widely like pictures of food or travel. They tend to share most liked images of the destinations they wish to visit, or the cuisine they recently explored. It is also a treat for the individuals who possess photography skills. Their pictures are then, shared by connections which get viral easily.

Interacting with people on Social Media platforms is proving to be a successful method of connecting with the people in your niche. The posts, if uploaded smartly, result in better reach with the outside world and keep you updated on the ongoing situations.

Thus, ensuring a healthy presence over social media platforms will lead towards the betterment of both, your personal as well as, professional life.

Share Pictures

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