Reauthorize Your LinkedIn & Facebook Accounts

Your LinkedIn & Facebook accounts may unlink themselves from Social Aider because of the expiration of access token in every three & six months. It can also happen due to changes in the password.

This basically means that Social Aider will no more be authorized to post on your behalf, which may result in your scheduled posts failing to get posted! But, we have a very simple solution to this little problem.

Follow my step-by-step guide below as I take you through the process of keeping your LinkedIn & Facebook account linked to Social Aider.



First, choose the Project associated with the soon-expiring LinkedIn account and then click on Settings.


Access Token


On the Settings page, you will find a Refresh button on your LinkedIn profile. Click on it & you will be prompted for confirmation. click on the Yes button.

Yes, it’s that simple! No hustle and you’re back to your routine of scheduling posts carefree. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about marking your calendars every three months to repeat this process. Social Aider will send you an e-mail before your access token is about to expire so you can take action and your posts can keep updating without any setbacks. So relax and post away!

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