Instagram: A Fantastic Marketing App for Bloggers and Brands

The recipe for the success of Instagram percolates down from Facebook, which puts together two things in a brilliant fashion, users and engagement. Bringing people together through stories that speak, experiences that move, and a lot of cat videos, Instagram has redefined the meaning of virtual socialization. A user base of 700 million who log in every month translates to a lot of potentials to get oneself recognized- an individual or a brand. Instagram has become THE PLACE to grow brand awareness and introduce products and services.

 Kissmetrics suggests that 70% of users have spent time looking up a brand on Instagram.

The Gear that Runs It All

The power of digital referrals drives engagement of a targeted audience with brands. This has now become the mainstream outlet for most brands. Note that brands do not merely mean big businesses, but individual content creators like artists, filmmakers, music producers, or bloggers as well. So how does this magic mechanism work? Influencer Marketing.

The idea behind it is that it brings advertisements to potential buyers natively- through photos or videos instead of pop-ups. Influencers can promote anything for brands- a new range of products, promotional coupons, or a new service that has recently been launched. Sponsored ads can be blended easily through Instagram and the feed will look like just another post from someone you follow.


In 2016, 94% of brands found Instagram influencer marketing to be effective.

Instagram and the Millennials

What more? It attracts the millennial audience who would receive recommendations from a personality they trust rather than businesses themselves. Millennials make purchasing decisions based on the on their friends’ or followers’ post.  Reaching to a specific audience is the key for precise and effective marketing. 83% of millennials sleep with their phones next to them highlighting the importance of social media in their lives.

60% of Instagram users are between the ages of 18-32.

The Positives Keep Rolling In

Instagram was the first platform which facilitated collaboration between influencers and brands. When the everyday life of a regular human meets brands wanting to advertise, it results in content that is not only innovative and engaging but creates the impression of normality. @marutaro is the most influential Instagrammer in Japan who promotes products for a huge pet food retailer (note that @marutaro is a dog). The massive number of users and interests represented does not necessitate influencers to be a person. Bloggers who are starting in new can also spread awareness that they exist. Increasing engagement with users on Instagram has helped their own blogs and business grow.

@Shivesh17, or popularly known as BakeWithShivesh grew his blog through Instagram. His mouth-watering recipes direct people to his blog that has the how-tos. Just at 21 years of age, he is being recognized by other businesses too who have also sought to promote themselves through his Instagram feed and Stories.


For every $1 spent by brands, influencers get them a return of $6.50 solely through Instagram marketing.

Checklist to Help Your Brand Grow on Instagram

Getting a few things right will help people recognize your brand. Here are the few essentials:

  • Post high-quality pictures that are aesthetically pleasing
  • Post ‘Stories’ as frequently as you can, but do not over spam
  • Cross promote Instagram posts to other social media platforms
  • Interact with your audience to create loyal customers or raving promoters

Social Aider

After analyzing the importance of Instagram in the current market, Social Aider has integrated Instagram in its list of supported social media websites. You can now create and schedule your posts for Instagram using Social Aider. The Image Editor feature comes in handy while posting on Instagram. It can help you crop, resize and beautify the images of your choice. You can even add text to it and customize the image according to your requirements using the tool.Social Aider Icon social media

After scheduling your posts, as usual on Social Aider, it will send a notification to your mobile for Instagram posting. Another great reason to use Social Aider for Instagram posting, other than the Image Editor, is that you don’t have to retype the text you’d curated while scheduling the post. It’ll automatically appear in your clipboard once you click on the notification. Similarly, the image that you’d uploaded on Social Aider to be scheduled will also appear on your Social Aider mobile app. All you’ve left to do is post it!

Final Word

As is with any marketing strategy, Governments across have imposed restrictions on unethical influencing which does not make the audience aware of what they are viewing. But one thing is certain that Instagram outperforms other social media platforms which translate user engagement through influencers into profits for businesses and brands.

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