Image Editor

Unless someone has been living under a rock, everyone knows the power of images on social media. We’re all automatically attracted towards a post with an image rather than simple text. Image-rich content consistently performs better across all social media’s as compared to plain text content.

For marketers and bloggers, it’s crucial to choose pictures that not only align with their posts and themes but also entice their audience on social media platforms to engage with their content.

To ensure that our users have the best competitive advantage, we at Social Aider are continuously innovating and improving our tool, adding new features and tweaking the existing ones for a better experience. Our latest addition is the Image Editor! With this editor, we bring you one step closer to handling all your social media requirements under the same platform.

How Does It Work?

When you sign in to your Social Aider account, the Image Editor appears right next to your Profile on the top-right corner of the page.




On the next page, you can upload the image file that you wish to edit by clicking anywhere inside the box shown.


Editor page


A pop-up window appears which lets you choose an image to upload.  Currently, you can upload .jpg and .png image format.


Upload picture


After you click Open, the image directly opens in the editor with a list of its various features.


Editor options


These features are all fabulous and are built to cater to the needs of all kinds of users.




For business bloggers, marketers, etc., features like Text, Resize and Crop are utilized the most. Bloggers concentrating on fashion, for example, can upload their pictures and edit those using features like Enhance and Effects, etc.


  • Text: Adding text to your pictures is now just a matter of seconds! Simply click on the feature and you will see a text box appear on your picture.




You can edit the text in the box, change its orientation, size, and place and format it using different fonts and colors. By clicking on Add Text, your current text box will be added to the image and another text box will appear for you to edit and add.

  • Resize: As the name suggests, you can resize your image using this picture according to your requirement.




You can change the width and height of the image accordingly to have the image that suits your post/s.

  • Crop: Use this feature to create a proper and appropriate image for your post/s.




It can either automatically crop your image to preset ratios or you also have an option of customizing it.

  • Enhance: This feature makes your pictures look attractive and sharp by editing them subtly.




It provides five options, namely, Hi-Def, Scenery, Food, Portrait and Night to enhance your picture accordingly.

  • Effects: You can add different effects to your picture with the help of this feature. It has two sets of options, namely Signature and Classic that contain twelve effects each.




To begin exploring these, you can click on any one of the options and select your desired effect.

Other features of the picture editor include:

  • Frames
  • Stickers
  • Orientation
  • Focus
  • Color
  • Lighting
  • Sharpness
  • Splash
  • Red-eye
  • Whiten
  • Blemish

A common step while editing your image is that you need to click on Apply, as shown below, in each feature window if you want to apply the change/s to your image. Otherwise, just click on Back to go back to the page showing all the features.




Lastly, to save the final edited picture, you need to click on Save button on the home page of the editor.




You will then be taken to the main page of the editor and your final image will be downloaded automatically.


Saved Image


You can find the names of your recently uploaded pictures on this homepage of the editor as well, so you can keep a track of the images that you have already edited.

Now you can go in your project in Social Aider and upload the image and post it with text.

How Does This Benefit You?

  • Having an image editor in a social media scheduling tool implies that an important task related to your posts online is being handled from the same platform.
  • Knowing the importance of images on social media, having a marvelous photo editor will only enhance the reach of your posts.
  • You don’t have to work on two different software for one job that you can now get done using only Social Aider.
  • With so many features of the photo editor at your disposal, you can easily create a picture which is not only relevant to your post but also attracts the right audience.