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What do you mean by unlimited social accounts?

Unlike other social media tools we do not put any restrictions on the number of social profiles you can add or post on. You can add as many Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn profiles as you wish. This means if you have 20 clients, you can add 20 Facebook accounts, 20 Facebook pages, 20 Twitter profiles and so on. There is no limit, so you can handle all your client’s from our dashboard.

What do you mean by unlimited projects?

By Projects we mean clients. If you are a Social Media Manager handling social media for 50 Clients, you can create 50 different projects and link their social media accounts under it for easy management. When you scale up to 100 client’s, we still got you covered, and even when you hit the 4 figure mark Social Aider will hold good for you!

What do you mean by 200, 200, 400 Post in the plan?

So we are offering unlimited social accounts and unlimited projects. Lots of unlimited stuff! So we got to put the limit somewhere, or spammers will overload and trip our systems. Hence we have placed a restriction on the number of post you can do in each plan. This ensures that you receive best performance from Social Aider. 400 seems too small a number, worry not! You can always purchase more credits from within your Social Aider dashboard.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds.

How can I cancel my Social Aider subscription?

When you want to cancel your subscription, kindly mail us at support@socialaider.com and we will assist you.

Is my data safe with you?

We do not store any of your social media passwords on our system. You need to manually add each of your social media profile to our dashboard. Once you add, you authorize our app to post on your profiles on your behalf. We work through this authorization and do not need to save your login details. Whenever you wish to, you can login to your social media accounts and revoke the authorization, barring Social Aider from doing any further posting.

If you have any other query, feel free to mail us at support@socialaider.com