Discover Content

While it is extremely important to create your own unique content, it can be quite difficult to do so multiple times a day or week in order to keep your audience entertained. Moreover, your readers must have an idea of what other people in your niche are talking about. Sharing others’ content only makes your readers more hooked on your social media platforms.

The Discover feature does exactly that for you! Let’s have a look at how this feature works.




After logging in to your Social Aider account, select the Project (SA Tutorials in this case) you want to work with. Click on Discover from the drop down menu.




You will then be greeted with the page, as shown above. Here, you need to type in relevant keywords in the provided space to begin your search. Separate the keywords with a comma in order to obtain maximum results. Two-word keywords will give you the best results.

Once you’re done, click on the Search button or press Enter.

Bulk Schedule


Bulk Schedule


Hitting the Search button will give you a list of posts as you can see in the screenshot above. You can select all the posts that have appeared in your search or select a few relevant ones to Bulk Schedule. This will let all your selected posts to be scheduled at the time and frequency of your choosing. To begin the process, click on Bulk Schedule after selecting your posts.


Bulk Schedule Options


You can select the frequency and time of the posts to be scheduled. Find more information regarding the same here.

The Hashtags box lets you add hashtags that will appear in all your posts and put them on the map globally. Finally, you can select (or deselect) the social media accounts you wish to schedule these posts to and hit the Schedule button.


Scheduled Posts


You can see the scheduled posts under the Scheduled tab in Posts. Here, you can, as usual, Edit or Delete these posts as well.

Individual Edit


Post Edit


If you wish to upload or schedule a certain post individually, you have the liberty to do that as well. Just click on the Edit button adjacent to the post, as highlighted above.


Post Edit Options


A page similar to Create Post is opened where you can select (or deselect) the social media platforms, edit the contents of your post, use Suggest Hashtags and add Multimedia to your post.


Schedule or Send Now


When your post is ready, you can then either Schedule the post by filling in the Date, Time and Time-zone or you can simply click on Send Now to publish the post immediately across all your selected social media platforms.

The posts that you publish instantly can be seen under the Sent tab in Posts and the ones you scheduled can be seen under the Scheduled tab, as mentioned earlier.

That’s how you can find and post content using the same tool, Social Aider. Have a good time using it! In case of any queries, do reach out to us at