Creating Posts

You have created a project and added the social media profiles to it on your Social Aider account. Now, all you have left to do is begin posting! With Social Aider, you can schedule posts for up to 100 years in future! Your scheduling queue can hold up to 1000 posts at a time. So, let’s get started!

First, log in to your Social Aider dashboard and click on the left-hand panel on your Project (“SA Tutorials” in this case). Now click on Posts.



Here you can add new posts for uploading onto your social media accounts. Displayed here will be the posts you have Scheduled and posts which have been successfully uploaded under the Sent tab. Also visible are posts which you might have deleted, under the tab Deleted and finally, the posts that might not have gone live due to some error, under the tab Failed.

Create your Post Content

To create a new post, click on the Add Post button.


Create Posts


Here, at the top, all the pages and profiles you have added to this project are displayed. You need to select which accounts you want to post to. Click on Select All, if you wish to select all of the connected pages and profiles. In case you missed out any social media account, you can go to settings and add more accounts to the project.

You can type whatever content goes into your post in the Compose your post box, along with hashtags & mentions, if any. Moreover, for having related hashtags for your posts enlisted, you can click on Suggest #Tags. This will give you a list of hashtags to choose from. By simply clicking on any hashtags you like, you can add them to your post. For your Twitter profiles, a word count will be displayed at the bottom right corner of the box. This way, you can keep your Tweet within the 280-character limit.

You can create a longer post for, say, your Facebook page, and a shorter one for your Twitter users. All you need to do is type in your longer message first. As your word count goes over the 280-characters limit, a new message box will appear below, containing the first 280 characters you have typed. This will, therefore, serve as an exclusive content box for your tweet. On the right-hand corner, the character count of your Twitter message will appear for you can edit it accordingly for your audience.

Adding Multimedia

With Social Aider, you can add a picture and/or a video to your post, if you wish to.


Add Multimedia


Under Select Media section, click on the Image or Video button.


Image PopUp


Video Pop Up


Select the image and/or video you wish to upload from the pop-up window, as shown, and click on Open to add it to your post.


Edit or Delete


Once it has been uploaded, you will have the option to preview the image/ video or delete it altogether.

Also, Social Aider creates a thumbnail for your video automatically, right after you upload it. One important thing to keep in mind is that the upload limit of the image is 2MB and that of the video is 200MB.



Post or Schedule


Once your post is ready, you can either Post it right away or Schedule it!


Send Now


To post it immediately, just click on the Send Now Button.  The message, shown above, will appear for confirmation; Click Yes.

Your post will, right away, be uploaded to all your selected social media platforms simultaneously!




If you want to schedule your post, choose Schedule under “Do you want to schedule or send now?” You can then choose your desired Date, Time and Timezone under Schedule. Social Aider will upload your post to your selected social media platforms.

By default, the time zone chosen will be the one you set up when you created this project. However, should you wish to send out this post to users located in a different time zone, then you can select their time zone.

Hit the Schedule button now to queue up your post.

Edit/Delete Scheduled Post


Scheduled Post


Your post is now listed under the Scheduled tab in Posts. You can Edit the post anytime before it goes live. Its time, date or any other detail can be changed.  You can even Delete the scheduled post entirely but only before it hasn’t gone live already.

Repost/ Delete Sent Post


Repost or Delete


Once your post has been sent out, it will move under the Sent tab.

Here, under your post, there are two buttons, Repost and Delete that are shown in the image above.

Click on the Repost button if you wish to repost the same post again. After you click the button, you will be able to edit that particular post. Here, you can easily update it or change time zone, etc. You can then, either post it right away or schedule it at a desired date and time.

Click on the Delete button under the post to delete it from all the social media accounts in one go!  When a confirmation message appears, click on Yes and your post will be deleted. The lesser exposure a faulty post receives, the better. This is where the Delete button comes in handy.

When you delete a post it moves under the Deleted tab, where you can continue to have access to it for future reference.

If for some reason, a post you send or schedule via Social Aider is unable to go live on time, it will be moved under Failed post tab. Here you can access the post and the related error.

For every failed post, an email notification will be sent to you in real-time.

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This concludes all that there is to know about how to create a Post via Social Aider.

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Have a good time using Social Aider! In case of any queries, do reach out to us at