Connecting Accounts

After creating a project, you need to add social media profiles to it so you can begin working on Social Aider. Remember, Social Aider allows you to connect unlimited profiles, pages and boards so the sky is the limit. Here’s how you can add social media profiles to your project on Social Aider.




First, log in to your account and click on your Project (“SA Tutorial” in this case) on the left-hand side panel. On the drop-down menu, click on Settings, as shown above.


Settings Options


Here you have the option to edit your Project Name and the Default Time Zone if you wish to. This might come in handy in case your client shifts to a different time zone.

Moving on to the social media accounts, currently, Social Aider supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. Click on the Social media platform you wish to connect. You do not need to necessarily link all the social media profiles, just the ones you’re going to work with in the project concerned.





When you click on the Facebook tab, you will get a pop-up with a message shown above. You need to click on Yes and move forward to the next step.

Rest assured, Social Aider will only ever post whatever posts that you have scheduled for the profiles, and nothing more!


FB Profile


Clicking on Yes will take you to the login page of Facebook from where you would need to login to your account. When you’re logged in, Social Aider will display your profile and the pages associated with it. You can select (or deselect) the pages you wish to add (or avoid adding) to this particular project.




After this, you will be taken back to Social Aider and your Facebook account, and all the pages you selected, will be added to your project in one go. The account and pages connected will be displayed underneath the media tab in Social Aider.


Delete Page


In case you still wish to disconnect any particular page, just click on the Recycle Bin image next to the page and it will display a pop up displaying the message shown above. Click on Yes and you are done! The page has been disconnected. A notification saying “account successfully deleted”, will be displayed on the top.

If you wish to delete the connected account but retain the pages, you can do so too. Just follow the same process.





Firstly, click on the Twitter tab and, like we did with Facebook, click on Yes when the pop-up message appears.  You will be taken to the Twitter login page. Here you need to enter your login details and click on Authorize App button. This will then authorize Social Aider to post on your behalf onto your Twitter handle. The account connected will be displayed under the Twitter tab. In case you want to disconnect the account just click on the recycle bin icon.





Similar to Facebook, when you connect your LinkedIn account, the pages connected to your account will appear for you to select or deselect. The selected pages will be linked with that project in Social Aider.





To link your Tumblr profile to Social Aider, just follow the exact same steps as the others. Give the required permissions to Social Aider and your profile will then be shown below the media tab.

In case your client has multiple Twitter accounts or multiple accounts of any other social media, and you need to post on all of them; then just add them to the project by going through the steps as we did earlier.

Learn how to link your Instagram Account to Social Aider by clicking here.

With all your accounts linked, get ready for some serious scheduling business!

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