Bulk Upload

The constant requirement of posting fresh & interesting content, preferably multiple times a day, every day can be such a pain! Most of us do not have the luxury of time on our hands which makes this task seem even more impossible!

Social Aider ‘Bulk-Upload’ feature to the rescue! Read further to see how simply this feature can make our lives easier and our social media, interesting!

Home Page

Initiate by choosing the project you want to start bulk-upload in and then click on Bulk Upload.

Thereafter, you will be greeted with the screen above.  Here, click on the template spreadsheet, as highlighted above, to download the same.

Post Curation

Just enter the details of your posts under each column, as asked. For example, under Post, you can type in the contents of your post, hashtags, mentions, url of post and so on. You also have an option of adding an image to each one of your posts, to entice your audience to read your content.

For adding images, you need to enter the image URL. Only hosted images can be used for bulk upload. In case your images are on your computer, consider uploading them online and then use their URL.

You can select the time-zone, date & time, as shown. Another thing is, each spreadsheet can have as many as 200 rows (or 200 posts) & its size cannot be larger than 2MB. You can always add multiple spreadsheets if you want to schedule more posts.

Make sure to recheck your posts once for spellings, grammar, mentions, image URLs, etc. and finally hit the save button.

Your excel sheet is now ready for the upload. Be sure to save the sheet in .xlsx format only.


Now select the social media accounts on which you wish to post. You get option to upload the excel sheet as shown below –

Once your spreadsheet is ready, you can drag it to the screen shown above or click anywhere inside the red box depicted.

Window, as shown above, will pop-up. Here, choose your spreadsheet and click on Open.

Within seconds, your sheet will be uploaded and a message, like the one shown above, will appear. (Since I had entered only two posts in the spreadsheet that I uploaded, the message reads “2 posts were successfully imported”)


You’ve managed to finish a week or a month or two months’ worth of task at once (depending on how many posts you scheduled and how frequently you like to post). Incredible!

Check out your scheduled posts under the Posts section of your project selected. Here, you can, as always, Edit or Delete your posts by double clicking on the respective posts.

You can now start using the Bulk Upload on Social Aider and save your time.