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Bulk RSS Feed Scheduler Social Aider

Bloggers, it is indeed an amazing time to be alive! Gone are the days when you had to individually select each post in your RSS feed and schedule it to be uploaded. With Social Aider’s newly added feature, ‘Bulk RSS feed Scheduler’, it’s easier than ever to schedule your entire RSS feeds at once! Yes, Social Aider already had the option of adding RSS feed along with the hashtags, but now, your entire feed can be scheduled at fixed intervals. Let me take you through the process in detail.

How Does This Work?

RSS feed


We’re all familiar with the homepage of Social Aider App. Go to and click on RSS Feed as shown in above image


RSS Feed


Next, this page opens up where you fill in the Feed Name, Feed URL and your desired Hashtags and click on Submit, which reveals the entire list of posts. But, here comes the magic! Now you can schedule all of the revealed posts (or just the ones you wish) by simply clicking on Bulk Schedule.


RSS Bulk Schedule


With this click, a pop-up window appears where you can choose one of the three options to set the frequency of uploading your posts.

As the name suggests, selecting the Everyday option lets you schedule your posts every day at a time of your choosing.




Every X Hour Interval lets you schedule your posts at a desired interval of time (which you can choose, of course) that begins at the time you choose.


Every X Hour


Every X Day lets you choose any day of the week and desired time for your posts to be scheduled.


Every X Day


All the posts that you line up using any of the options will be scheduled from the next day onwards.


Post Edit or Delete


You can always edit/ delete your posts, like before, by going to Posts section of your project.

And that’s it! A simple way to give you more power over scheduling your posts so you can focus your energy on all the other important stuff!

How Does This Benefit You?

  • Bulk RSS Feed Scheduler keeps your accounts updated with content at all times with minimum intervention. This eliminates your worries about being inactive.
  • The feature ensures that your blog posts are shared every day at the most active time for your audience, keeping them engaged and hooked on to your content.
  • Bulk RSS Feed Scheduler gives you solid control over the frequency of uploading your posts.
  • You can put the feed of popular blog Feeds in your niche to share on your account. This not only keeps your accounts active but also provides your audience with A1 quality content.
  • Moreover, you can add the twitter handle of popular bloggers along with the hashtags (on Create Feed page) while scheduling their posts. In this way, you can begin a relationship with them which, regardless to say, will boost your online authority in your niche.

With the range of options provided, you can let the content flow through your social media platforms and harvest the benefits. So have fun with the new feature and post away!


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