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Social Aider has grown from strength to strength since its inception more than 2 years back. Our software is being used by clients from across the globe. The software is currently helmed by 2 partners based in India. Social Aider is a GDPR Complaint software, ensuring that our client’s data is never compromised.

Media Presence:

Over the years we have been featured on numerous blogs and sites.

Finances Online


Social Samosa


Mike Gingerich

Joy Healey

Punith Alex 

and many more.


Social Aider has gone through lots of upgrades which are aimed at making the software more user-friendly and feature-rich. Currently, we are using V 1.02.

Future Plans:

We are looking at:

  • Integrating more Social Media.
  • Adding Reporting & Analytics Feature.
  • Adding Client Management capabilities
  • Providing White-Labeling Option

What are we Looking For:

As a growing venture, we are looking for individuals/ companies who are in sync with our growth mindset. If you are a venture capitalist or a growth hacker, do drop us a line. We are open to collaborations, as well as a capital infusion. If you have any ideas/recommendations regarding Social Aider, which you would like to explore with us, we are always happy to hear from you.