Adding Projects

Social Aider lets you add an unlimited number of projects to your account, helping you to organize as many social media accounts as you please.

For an instance, you may have clients in multiple cities or with multi-country presence.  While managing their social media, you might wish to create a new project for each of the cities or countries your client is present in. Alternatively, you can create one project for each client. It’s all up to you!

So, follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to create a new project on Social Aider.


Log In


Begin by logging in to your Social Aider account.


Add Project


You will be greeted with the welcome page.  On the left-hand panel of the page, click on the Add Project button, as shown above.

This brings up a pop up that will need you to fill out the details about your project. Only 2 details are required, so it’s simple and easy.


Add Project Pop-up


First up is the Project Name. This is only for your reference and organizing. You can choose any name you wish to. Try using something that will identify the project for you. Client’s name or website name should work well.

Next, you need to choose the Default Time zone. This is the time zone your social media audience is primarily based in. For example, you have a client based in the USA, but his target audience is primarily in the UK. Then you might wish to set your Default Time Zone as the UK. Default time zone is the time zone by which your posts will go live. In this case, if you schedule a post for 5 pm, it will go live at 5 pm UK time. So, this allows you to ensure that your posts are uploaded when your client’s audience is truly active. Time zone setting will ensure your posts go live at the right time.

This time zone will be used as a default for all your posts, however, you will have the option to edit the time zone at post level too.

So, in case you set the default time zone for Australia, but your client now would like to target some Asian customers as well, you can easily edit the time zone at post level to target the Asian audience.

With Time Zone chosen you are ready to go. Hit the Submit button and your project will be created.


Project Added


Your project will now be displayed in the left-hand side panel, as shown in the screenshot above.

There you have it! You have created a project on Social Aider.

You can now begin working on these newly created projects by connecting social media accounts to them. Learn how to do that here.

Have a good time using Social Aider, and in case of any queries, do reach out to us at