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About Us

We are the team behind Social Aider. We are driven by passion to create a product sooooo good that you cannot help but buy it.

We are an eccentric bunch of designer, developer, marketer and social media managers, who came together to create a Software Company dedicated to creating quality software’s that deliver what they promises every single time, every single day.

Got a software suggestion, drop us a line. We love to work on new ideas. See you around

Why Us

Social Aider allows you to automate all your social media accounts from ONE Dashboard. It has been designed to save your time and efforts. With Social Aider you get tools to manage all your social profiles and schedule content at your convenience. It’s your personal Aider, awaiting to assist you in all your Social Media Automation efforts. Leave the mundane to us, you concentrate on bigger things.

See How Social Aider Can help you automate your social media accounts more effectively:

All accounts under one Roof – With Social Aider you get to manage all of your social media accounts all from one single dashboard. Eliminating the need for you to login to every single media platform for posting/sharing your content. Just add your content via our dashboard, select the medias you want to post them on, and leave the rest to us. Use Your Freed up time to create more awesome content!

Scheduling – Leverage the power of scheduling. Do you post on same time at all social media’s? If you don’t then you know the pain of tracking the time and logging into each media to share your content on it at the most appropriate time. We know this pain too, and that’s why we offer you the scheduling option. You can choose the time, down to minutes when you want each piece of your content to be posted on each media. Just Set it and forget it. When the time is right, we will make sure your post goes Live! You get to schedule up to 50 posts daily for sharing! Use your Freed up time to design some more crafty Social Media Strategies!

Social Calendar – Got all the content you want to share for the entire month lined up? Great! Upload it all onto our dashboard and you are free for the entire month! With our Calendar Scheduling option, you can choose which day you would like which piece of content to be shared on which media! And the best part, once you have it all scheduled up you can view it in a clean calendar format, so you know which content is going live on which media when. If you want to share an important article on Facebook on Sunday, but on LinkedIn on Monday we got you covered. Our Calendar will keep track and make sure your posts are done on schedule. Your scheduling queue can contain up to 1000 posts at a time. Use the Freed up time to take a break from Social Media, go take a vacation!

Real Time Notifications – If something goes wrong, and one of your posts cannot make it to the intended media, we send you real-time alerts via Email, and Push notification ( if you chose to activate) thus ensuring you can help us rectify the error ASAP and we can make your post reach its intended destination.