10 Tips To Get More Leads On Your LinkedIn Profile

Linkedin tips

If you are a professional who needs to get recognized and wants to get in touch with other professionals, then you must create an account on LinkedIn. If you want a brief explanation of what LinkedIn is, let’s just say that it’s the Facebook for professionals. You will see profiles of professionals who are in the same niche as you as well as from every other profession out there. This is a great platform where you could introduce yourself to new opportunities.

The main feature of LinkedIn is the ability that it gives the users to connect to each other. Like sending a friend request on Facebook, you can send a connection request to a professional who you want to add to your list. Once the recipient approves the connection, you can start chatting with them on LinkedIn.

So having the best leads is everything on LinkedIn. The more valuable leads you have, the more relevant your account becomes. Now you may be finding it difficult to get leads on LinkedIn even if you are sending plenty of connection requests per day. The major reason why your connection requests get turned down is that you don’t have a compelling profile and the curtailing attributes.

In this article, we will go through the processes that will get you more leads for your LinkedIn profile

A perfect profile


The first question that professionals ask when receiving a connection request from you is “what do you do?” Even if they don’t ask that question directly, they search for the answer while viewing your profile. So make it easy for them to figure out what you do right away. Do not shy away from mentioning every single detail about you that will boost your credibility. Work experiences, endorsements, and education play an important role in creating a killer profile. Another aspect that all the newbies get wrong is the profile picture. Remember that you are making a professional profile. The profile picture must also carry the same level of refinement. Formal attire is mostly preferred for a LinkedIn profile picture.

Be creative


The next step is to make sure that the profile you made is not too industrial. Again, when professionals view your page, it must be appealing. Don’t ever think that listing out your high qualifications would bring mountain loads of followers on its own. You need to reel those visitors in. The best way is to impress them right away! Now, you can do that with your profile info, or you can also do something different by uploading a video that will automatically play the moment someone views your profile. You can get clients or customers to do a testimonial about you, or you can be in the video yourself. This is a great way to stand out and show that you are serious about your profile.

Backtrace the visitors

Profile Viewers

Now LinkedIn provides a nifty feature where it will let you know all who visited your profile. You can use this information to fuel your connection requests. With a standard LinkedIn account, you can look at the list of people who have viewed your profile. But the number of people that are shown to you will be limited. To get the whole list of people who have visited your profile, you need to upgrade to a premium plan. When someone views your profile, chances are they want to connect with you but haven’t made the plunge yet. This is where you must act! You should send the people who have viewed your profile a request so that you are looking at people who have shown an interest in you. It’s a great way to build leads.

Post updates to increase visibility

Post 1

Post 2

LinkedIn lets you share updates on the platform. You must take advantage of this option to boost leads. What this essentially can be defined as is a space for you to post some content, be it a link to a website/blog or some content that you create. Once you share it, it will be shown on everyone’s newsfeed. The great thing about these updates is that the post will contain a link to your profile. This will generate some serious views on your page. Posting creative and interesting content will again engage more users to your profile.

Use groups to get massive amount of leads


LinkedIn has a great feature where you can create or be a part of a group that is already up and running. These groups will have a lot of like-minded people working in different companies and fields. If you can’t impress them, then you are looking at a lot of leads specifically sent to you by people who are in areas of your interest. This is a really great way to generate a lot of leads while giving you a chance to meet professionals in your field and getting your connections up exponentially.

Appreciate others


Sharing others' Posts

When you see terrific stories or posts in your feed, then you must share it and appreciate the author or the creator. When you are sharing other’s content on to your feed, you are actually making yourself popular as a friendly person who likes to collaborate with people. This impression is critical in creating good leads for your profile. Make sure that you mention the author or creator when you are sharing it. Typing their name in after “@” symbol will notify them that you have shared their content. This is a great way to break the ice and get incoming leads.


Recommendations given

Having recommendations from various professionals on our profile is a sure shot way to attract visitors to sending you a connection request. Make sure to have yourself recommended but include things that are true. Having promotional content on your recommendation page can be seen through very easily by the readers. Make sure that the recommendation about you provides something of value and not something that is made up to drive views. Also, do not hold back on writing recommendations for people who you know. It is a “give and receive” policy. Once you start to take 5 minutes of your time to write the people whom you know a good recommendation, they will return the favor that will be a tremendous boost to your profile. Hence, it adds to the reeling in of connects that we discussed earlier.

Promote yourself through ads

Now, this is a method that will cost you some cash. But know that it is totally worth it. If your company needs the maximum exposure, the best way to have it on a massive scale is through advertising yourself on the LinkedIn platform. The ads that you place will be directly featured on the news feed. This is a massive boost in improving your company’s leads plus you can link your bio to the company’s profile so that you are benefiting in more ways than one in getting leads. The reason why we suggested advertising is that LinkedIn adverts are easy to spot because they allow more space to advertisement windows so that they can carry more texts and large pictures. If you need a lot of leads in a little amount of time, we recommend LinkedIn adverts.

Post your LinkedIn bio link on your website

If you have a website of your own or an office or any kind of venture, let your LinkedIn bio link be proudly presented in the company’s contact info. This way, the people using your products or services will know that you are on LinkedIn. From there, people will contact you through your bio link. Having your bio link in emails and even cards will help you garner connections, that too from different fields.

Spare a few minutes every day

You might think how this can be counted as a way to increase leads but trust me; this might be the best tip for you in the entire list. Many professionals create a LinkedIn profile and go away! They do not reply to messages nor do they update their profiles regularly. What you should do is spend time on your LinkedIn profile replying to messages, sending new connection requests and updating your status. Trust me! This is going to do wonders for your profile. Investing time is the best investment you can ever make on your outlook!

LinkedIn is a window to immense possibilities. Make sure that you use it right to benefit your professional as well as personal life.

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