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If your audience is most active at 9pm, it makes sense to post then! But 9 pm is also your dinner time! Relax, we got you covered. Schedule your post for 9pm via Social Aider and leave the rest to us.

Time Zone

You live in UK but your target audience is in USA. With 5 hours of time difference, you need to be up at 2am to post at 9pm (USA time)! There goes your beauty sleep. We love you, and want you to look beautiful always, so we will save your beauty sleep. Use our Time zone feature, and set your time zone to USA, set the time to make your post live. Leave the rest to us and hit the bed.

Bulk Import

Optimum tweet frequency is between 5-7 times a day! Imagine creating each tweet individually, selecting its time, date, time zone etc! Lots of wasted time. Use our bulk Upload feature to upload up to 200 tweets (any posts) in 1 go! That’s 40 days’ worth of tweet in 1 go.

RSS Import

Got a blog? Use our RSS Import feature to add your blog feed to your account. Social Aider will directly pull in the blog post details via the feed. Just log into your account, and schedule the posts as per your choice.


You know what hashtags work best for your blog posts, having to type or copy paste them with each of your post is a pain. We got you covered with our Hashtags feature. When you add any RSS feed, you also get to add the hashtags that work best with that feed. We will add these hashtags to every post from that feed! Saves your time and effort.


Got a cracking post that your audience loved! Why not repost it again? At a different time or day to get it more exposure. Our Repost feature will let you do this with just a click of a button. On flip side if you got a well-crafted post that didn’t get enough love, why not repost it too! Maybe a different time or day might get the post the love it deserves.

Post Deletion

Typo in post, wrong images attached, wrong links added, grammar error, wrong link appended…the list can be endless. Basically, any reason which may require you to pull out a post from your social media accounts. Going individually to each media and deleting the post is an option. But we have a better solution. A single button click to delete the post from all your social accounts in 1 go!

Video / Image Upload

Average video post reaches 12.05% audience on Facebook. That makes videos the best performing post format on Facebook. Tweet with images are 34% more likely to be retweeted! Use these numbers to your advantage. Our Image or Video attachment option will enable you to attach your chosen media to your post in a quick and efficient manner.

Image Editor

You can edit your images using the Image Editor feature. In Image Editor, there are numerous different tools available for editing different types of images you may wish to upload. Once edited, the images can be saved on your PC and later, you can add them to your posts. Image files not exceeding 2 MB can be uploaded and edited.


The Discovery feature assists you in discovering new content on the web by using keyword search. You can separate keywords with a comma and find content that you'd like to upload. The feature lets you either edit individual posts and schedule/ post them separately, or you can bulk schedule all the posts (or the ones you select) at your choice of time and frequency. You can also add hashtags while scheduling these posts in bulk.


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