Social Aider


Dear Social Aider User

We are sad to announce that we are forced to discontinue Social Aider.

COVID -19 wrecked havoc with businesses worldwide. A lot of our users were hit too due to lockdowns and the other entailing change in how people chose to shop, dine and socialize.

We tried our best to stay afloat hoping with time things might improve and we might start turning profit again. However due to lack of funding and the fact that we are turning loss month after month we have no other option but to discontinue Social Aider.

By 31st December 2021 Social Aider will be discontinued.

We learned a great deal by working on this project, and we are sad that we have to close it down, but that’s the only opportunity that we are left with.

Lastly, we would like to thank all our early and lifetime customers. Without your support and continued feedback, we would not have made it as far as we have. Unfortunately, we were unable to provide you with the service that we have hoped, and we hope that you will see and understand that we did our best to succeed. Please continue your use through December 2021 as we hope you continue to get the value we promised.

With Gratitude,
The Social Aider